The Super Suit For People With Multiple Sclerosis

A third-grader has designed a swim suit — the super suit — for people with multiple sclerosis. This might just be one of the most thoughtful inventions ever.

by Naomi

Illustrated by Naomi

The world would be a better place if there was a special swim suit for people with Multiple Sclerosis.

My brother told me about this terrible disease and how people who have it cannot use their muscles very well. It is a disease that attacks the brain. People with MS get very tired and are not able to move. Some of the symptoms are trouble walking, muscle weakness, or having blurred or double vision.

The Super Suit will have a rocket at the back and it will have a case where the fire will come out so it doesn’t get doused in the water. The fire will stop every 15 seconds and the swimmer can glide for a bit. If they don’t want to glide, there will be a button so the fire will constantly keep on going, but will stop when you get to the wall. The way the rocket can see is that it has a camera that can tell when to slow down and when to stop.

When they are at the wall, they will say either to stay or go or whatever they want it to do. The rocket can change which side they are on, whether on the stomach or back.

Swimming is a lot of fun and I love the feeling of gliding through the water. I think swimming would be a great sport for people with MS. They will feel relaxed and warm in the water, like someone is hugging them. That’s how I feel when I swim.

Naomi is a third-grader who loves to swim, read, watch cooking shows and play the piano

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