S is for Spectator

by Manan Dhuldhoya

A is for Akhand, a nation not for others.

B is for Beef, carved from the flesh of our mothers.

C is for Corruption, finally cleansed from society.

D is for Dalit, with whom contact brings notoriety.

E is for English, that vile vestige we can’t divest.

F is for Feku, he of that formidable chest.

G is for Gandhi, who can’t be left to last.

H is Hindu, a bright beacon from our past.

I is for Islam, of brothers forced to a new name.

J is for Jammu, where patriots stake their claim.

K is for Kashmir, where AFSPA is surely a must.

L is for LoC, a challenge drawn in the dust.

M is for Marxist, screaming traitorously from every college.

N is for Naxalite, whose false claims we cannot acknowledge.

O is OBC, who must be taught to live their name.

P is for Pappu, craving his own claim to fame.

Q is for Queer, the insignificant though not the few.

R is for RSS, the last bastion of the true.

S is for Sedition, wielded by hook or crook.

T is for Tribal, not content to pose for a book.

U is for Una, where ingrates dare to fret.

V is for Vijay Diwas, lest the enemy ever forget.

W is for Wani, the turncoat in our midst.

X marks the graves we don’t know even exist.

Y is Yesudas, barred from his Lord’s keep.

Z is for Zzzz, because the nation’s clearly asleep.

Manan Dhuldhoya. Born to travel, forced to commute. Even Google throws up only one of him.

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